IJN Yamato display

February 3rd, 2010  

Topic: IJN Yamato display

1/10 scale model on display in the kure war museum


even a wreckage display

there's more on display here: photos


HUGE lego display. When Jumpei Mitsui was a boy, he wondered how long the Japanese Warship Yamato would be if a model of it were built from LEGO bricks. Jumpei answered his own question by building a 2,000 LEGO brick model of the Yamato. The Yamoto model is 1/40 scale and weighs more than 330 pounds and measures over 21’-7” from bow to stern. It is over a yard across at the widest point of the ship.

Jumpei Mitsui finished the LEGO Yamato on April 9, 2009 after more than 6 years of construction.

Will a young American student now have to build a strike force of 100 Lego SBD Dauntless torpedo planes and Avenger dive bombers to sink the Lego Yamato? Or will it rule the Lego seas unopposed?


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