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1 I dont. 1 3.33%
2 I dont realy come here. 0 0%
3 I dont come here often for a reason. 0 0%
4 I contempt. Could do with a few of my opions. 0 0%
5 Average. 2 6.67%
6 happy but silly topics need to be cut back like this one. 1 3.33%
7 Id like to come more but cant. 5 16.67%
8 Need I say anymore. 9 30.00%
9 Im here all the time because of the people. 12 40.00%
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November 6th, 2004  
Pitty. Same here. Its enjoyable.
November 7th, 2004  
my good friend italian guy,who by the way i met here,probably remebers the time when i came on this site,i was here all day long ,and he even made a poll about how much time do i spend in here,but i certanlly dont regret
November 7th, 2004  
I've got no complaints.
November 8th, 2004  
silent driller
I pretty much spend all of my free time here and looking for music on espew.com.

...Can't forget about strangecosmos.com!
November 9th, 2004  
Its fairly swore on the eyes tho
November 10th, 2004  
I don't just come here because I have no life
November 10th, 2004  

Topic: Re: If you dont look at this youll miss out.

Originally Posted by dougal
What do people think?
Hmmm, I've seen better...
November 10th, 2004  
Im on to you Redleg.

Are you trying to drop a hint at me???????

November 11th, 2004  
if i could i would be on this 24/7 posting like 50 times a day. but i cant.
November 11th, 2004  
'Bout 8.