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Humanitarian Crisis
September 7th, 2015  
Humanitarian Crisis
Originally Posted by MontyB
No but rather than opening the floodgates by letting them wander around Europe at will they should be rounded up, put in camps (I suggest as close to their origin as possible) and held until they can be sent home.
This should be done in conjunction with an active plan to stabilise the country of origin.

There is an old adage "people get the government there deserve" so if they are prepared to be chickens then don't be surprised when you find a fox running the roost.
Of course the best thing is for the people to stay at home and overthrow the oppressors then install a benevolent - democratic government. This would save everyone loads of issues. Both Europe and even the US are loaded refugees (I'm not sure how many are in New Zealand). However we both know this is unlikely to happen in most cases. You champion the Palestinians, but in 40+ years they haven't been able to accomplish this for whatever reason, nether can the Syrians or the Sudanese for that matter. My point here is it's often not easy for these peoples to throw off the yoke of oppression. The thing is countries like the US and Europe should help these people and are in some cases. But must balance this with a policy of watching out for their own interest as well particularly that of the working - retired man that pays - paid for all this. I'm very fortunate to be eligible for VA medical benefits, otherwise I'd be in the poor house.
September 7th, 2015  
Originally Posted by I3BrigPvSk
The majority of the refugees are in camps around Syria, and now they are leaving them because the NGOs and UNHCR don't have any resources to provide for them anymore.

A plan to stabilize the country must contain something similar as the Marshal plan after the Second World War so it will not create a power vacuum. The Arabic world can do much more, it doesn't need to be the West nor the Russians.

The situation reminds a bit about 1945, but then it was the Jews walking around and nobody wanted to have them in their countries.
Turkey has taken in 2 million Assad - ISIS refugees. Although the rest of the Arab world has supplied arms and air strikes they done nothing for the refugees. These are Arab people, but in many ways the Arab world doesn't seem interested in helping their own, on a humanitarian level.
September 7th, 2015  
Originally Posted by MontyB
Really, the 1980s you say?
Might want to contact a few of these places and let them know they are no longer there.
Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip has 8 refugee camps and 1,221,110 registered refugees.
  • 1948, Al-Shati (Beach camp), 87,000
  • 1949, Bureij, 34,000
  • 1948, Deir al-Balah, 21,000
  • 1948, Jabalia, 110,000
  • 1949, Khan Yunis, 72,000
  • 1949, Maghazi, 24,000
  • 1949, Nuseirat, 66,000
  • 1949, Rafah, 104,000
West Bank

The West Bank has 19 refugee camps and 741,409 registered refugees.
  • 1948, Aqabat Jaber, 6,400
  • 1948, Ein as-Sultan, 1,900
  • 1949, Far'a, 7,600
  • 1949, Fawwar, 8,000
  • 1949, Jalazone, 11,000
  • 1949, Kalandia, 11,000
  • 1949, Am'ari, 10,500
  • 1949, Deir 'Ammar, 2,400
  • 1949, Dheisheh, 13,000
  • 1950, Aida, 4,700
  • 1950, Al-Arroub, 10,400
  • 1950, Askar, 15,900
  • 1950, Balata, 23,600
  • 1950, 'Azza (Beit Jibrin), 1,000
  • 1950, Ein Beit al-Ma' (Camp No. 1), 6,750
  • 1950, Tulkarm camp, 18,000
  • 1952, Nur Shams, 9,000
  • 1953, Jenin camp, 16,000
  • 1965, Shuafat camp, 11,000

Syria has 13 refugee camps and 499,189 registered refugees. Three of these camps are unofficial (*).
  • 1948, Sbeineh, 22,600
  • 1949, Khan Eshieh (ar), 20,000
  • 1948, Neirab, 20,500
  • 1949, Homs, 22,000
  • 1948, Jaramana camp, 18,658
  • 1950, Daraa camp, 10,000
  • 1950, Hama camp, 8,000
  • 1950, Khan Dannun, 10,000
  • 1967, Qabr Essit (ar), 23,700
  • 1955-6, Latakia Camp*, 10,000
  • 1957, Yarmouk*, 148,500
  • 1962, Ein Al-Tal (ar)*, 6,000

There are 12 refugee camps in Lebanon and 448,599 registered refugees.
  • 1948, Bourj el-Barajneh, 17,945
  • 1948, Ain al-Hilweh, 54,116
  • 1948, El Buss, 11,254
  • 1949, Nahr al-Bared, 5,857
  • 1949, Shatila, 9,842
  • 1948, Wavel, 8,806
  • 1952, Mar Elias, 662
  • 1954, Mieh Mieh, 5,250
  • 1955, Beddawi, 16,500
  • 1955, Burj el-Shemali, 22,789
  • 1956, Dbayeh camp, 4,351
  • 1963, Rashidieh, 31,478

There are 10 refugee camps in Jordan and 2,034,641 registered refugees.
  • 1949, Zarqa camp, 20,000
  • 1952, Jabal el-Hussein, 29,000
  • 1955, Amman New Camp (Wihdat), 51,500
  • 1967, Souf, 20,000
  • 1968, Baqa'a, 104,000
  • 1968, Husn (Martyr Azmi el-Mufti camp), 22,000
  • 1968, Irbid camp, 25,000
  • 1968, Jerash camp, 24,000
  • 1968, Marka, 53,000
  • 1968, Talbieh (it), 7,000
I have never said the camps aren't there. I said Palestinians fled from the camps in Lebanon during the 1980s and they are here and they have created new generations here. Or do you know the origins of the refugees in Sweden?
Humanitarian Crisis
September 8th, 2015  
Egypt, the UAE, and SA are doing squat.

PS... also note the numbers of young men on these boats.................. yepper, Europe be getting a new wave of terrorist.
September 8th, 2015  
Originally Posted by MontyB
I guess someone has to be the bastard in the group so here goes...

Why exactly is this the worlds problem to clean up?
The only people that can sort out Syria are Syrians but rather than take an opportunity to deal with their problems they jump a boat and dump themselves on Europe's doorstep and then get violent when they discover Europe does not want 1 million of them.

Basically they have allowed their own nations to be destroyed now they think the rest of the world should take care of them.

Yes there are some tragic scenes unfolding and it is sad but this is a problem of their own making in my opinion.
"you have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land"

From a beautiful poem by Warsan Shire
September 8th, 2015  
There is no humanitarian crisis:there is a Muslim invasion of Europe :young men who are not in danger are going to Europe to profit from the European social security .

It's a European 9/11.
September 8th, 2015  
Originally Posted by Tuan
"you have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land"

From a beautiful poem by Warsan Shire
It's not a question of safety : the family of the boy who was drowned live since more than 3 years in Turkey in safety .
September 8th, 2015  
Originally Posted by I3BrigPvSk
They are here and they have been here for awhile now.
sadly enough
September 8th, 2015  
Originally Posted by lljadw
There is no humanitarian crisis:there is a Muslim invasion of Europe :young men who are not in danger are going to Europe to profit from the European social security .

It's a European 9/11.

Oddly enough we have a politician pushing a similar line...

Why Winston Peters wants to send Syrian men home to fight: NZ has 'skin on the line'

9:15 AM Wednesday Sep 9, 2015

Winston Peters says only women and children from Syria should be let into NZ as refugees. Photo / Getty Images

It is "reasonable" to expect male refugees from Syria to return home and fight, especially because New Zealand has "skin on the line", New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says.

The veteran politician was this morning defending comments he made yesterday that New Zealand should only accept women and children refugees from Syria.

The men should be told to go home to fight, he said.

Speaking to TV3's Paul Henry this morning, Mr Peters said it was "reasonable" to expect Syrians to defend their own country first.

New Zealand troops are in Iraq training Iraqi soldiers to fight against Islamic State.

"When I was looking at the television coverage out of Hungary there were a lot of fit young men there... my concern was in a crisis like this you would take the women and children first because you could take much more of them and you can do it much more quickly.

"However, when you look at the fact that we have a number of western countries with skin in the game, with their soldiers on the line, including our own, it would be reasonable surely to expect them to defend their own country first."
Solving the Syrian crisis should be the "prime objective", Mr Peters told Paul Henry.
"We could be doing much more, and much faster, and months ago I believe that was our thought."
On Monday, Prime Minister John Key announced New Zealand would accept 750 Syrian refugees over the next three years, including 600 in an emergency intake above the usual annual quota of 750.
The cost of resettling the refugees is estimated at $49 million in addition to the current $58 million annual cost of resettlement programmes.

Originally Posted by Tuan
"you have to understand,
that no one puts their children in a boat
unless the water is safer than the land"

From a beautiful poem by Warsan Shire
But surely you would agree that it is up to Syrians to make the land safe enough for their children.

I honestly don't care who Syrians choose to run the place, I have no interest in what type of government they want or what religion they choose to follow but they have to sort this out for themselves.

My belief is that if outside military involvement is needed it is to fight ISIS and the best option for that is to leave Assad where he is and let Russia help him deal with ISIS in Syria and since it was the West (I mean you USAand UK) that f**ked up Iraq then "Western" troops can go deal with ISIS in Iraq using the Syrian border as the stop point for both sides.
September 9th, 2015  
The Highway Man

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