Howdy from Canada, eh!

December 10th, 2005  

Topic: Howdy from Canada, eh!

Well I am canadian.

I have served 7 years in the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, and I have a lot of experience.

I aged out of the RCACC with the rank of Cadet Chief Warrant Officer, and I was the Regimental Sergeant Major of my cadet unit. (highest rank and position attainable by a cadet in canada)

My qualifications include: Distinguished Marksman, Gold Fitness level, Standard First Aid, Master Cadet Qualification, and Provincial Biathlon participant.

My summer camps: Basic Cadet (2 weeks at the Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Center)(1999), Cadet Leader (6 weeks at VACSTC)(2000), Cadet Leader Instructor Rifle Coach (6 weeks at VACSTC)(2001), I was a Staff Cadet holding the rank of Sergeant, and working on the air rifle range at VACSTC(2003), also, I was a Platoon Warrant Officer for the Rifle Coaching course, holding the rank of Warrant Officer(2004), and I was a Standards Warrant Officer, which basically assesses and corrects any nonstandard issues anywhere in the battalion.(2005)

My awards include: various unit awards, such as Best Dressed CAdet for the year, Top in the Training Level, Citizenship award, etc. Also, I have passed my National Star Certification Exam, which basically is a culmination of all the training you receive in 4 years. I have also been awarde dthe Master Cadet Qualification. The requirements are: Have completed a CLI course, have passed the NSCE, and have served at a summer camp as a staff cadet, in either a supervisory or instructional role.

My medals include: the Lord Strathcona Medal, which is awarded annually to the cadet in each unit that best displays exceptional leadership and instructional abilities. the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence (yes it is a mouthful, we just refer to it as the "Legion Medal"). It is awarded annually to the top cadet in each unit that best displays citizenship and community service. Also, I have received the Army Cadet Service Medal with 1 bar, which is awarded for 5 years service to the army cadets ( a bar is awarded for each additional year, up to a maximum of 2 bars [7 years]). I am awaiting on my second bar being awarded.
December 10th, 2005  

Welcome aboard, ouyin2000.
December 10th, 2005  
Welcome aboard.
December 10th, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
welcome to the forums ouyin2000
December 12th, 2005  
Good to see you here sir! Ill talk to you on Wednesday!
Oh and by the way, that was some awesome shooting on Saturday. Did you see my targets, lol. Youll have to coach me.
December 12th, 2005  
Welcome to the forum
December 12th, 2005  
Chief Bones

Topic: Welcome aboard

Welcome to the forum -

Keep your guard up and come out shooting.
December 12th, 2005  
It's good to have you here, enjoy the forums.
December 12th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums
December 12th, 2005  
Welcome to the Forums.