How I Used My New Box of Shells......

How I Used My New Box of Shells......
July 20th, 2007  

Topic: How I Used My New Box of Shells......

How I Used My New Box of Shells......
How I Used My New Box of Shells

Shot #1 -- Missed the target completely at 100 yards. Rifle needed sighted in.

Shot #2 -- Hit target in lower right-hand corner - from 10 yards.

Shot #3 -- Bull's-eye - after getting rifle back from gunsmith who sighted it in.

Shot #4 -- Accidentally pulled trigger while loading rifle in vehicle; will repair transmission when I get home.

Shot #5 -- Fired into air to signal start of drive; fined $200 by game warden for killing a turkey.

Shot #6 -- The excitement of seeing my first deer caused me to fire before rifle was to my shoulder - I only have to replace left boot.

Shot #7 -- Missed deer completely...not so sure about cows across the field.

Shot #8 -- To clean mud from barrel after falling over embankment while being chased by farmer. Now I'm sure about the cows....

Shot #9 -- Slipped and fell while crossing stream. Buddy says I'll have to replace his hunting cap and also pay for having his underwear washed.

Shot #10 -- Forgot can opener. Opened a can of pork and beans; the few beans that were left tasted too much like gunpowder to eat them.

Shot #11 -- Shot too low at deer, glanced off rock, wounded chipmunk.

Shot #12 --Finished off wounded chipmunk.

Shot #13 -- Checked scope again, hit big bucket hanging on pole. Hope people get electricity back soon.

Shot #14 -- At deer moving through brush. I'd never heard some of the words that it used.

Shot #15 -- To check scope again after being hit on the head with my own rifle.

Shot #16 -- Knocked buck down but didn't go to claim it when game warden tried to arrest a nearby hunter for killing a doe.

Shot #17 -- Gun accidentally fired while dragging it under fence. Have to replace right boot now.

Shot #18 -- Won a $1.00 bet from buddy who said I couldn't hit a junked car on other hill. Hot radiators sure do make a lot of steam...

Shot #19 -- Killed running buck with 3-inch spike at 625 yards. It takes skill to be a good hunter.

Shot #20 -- Save till I get home to use on mouse in my pantry.
July 20th, 2007  
Thats hilarious!! What a terrible hunter! HAHAHAHAHAHA
July 20th, 2007  
I know what your trouble is.

(1) The calibre is far to small and probably too low powered. That Wounded chipmunk would have been killed outright by the shock of a near miss if you were using a "proper" calibre.

(2) You're only buying 20 round boxes of ammo, try to get 50's, or if possible, loose bulk ammo sold by the kilogram (pounds in USA), only use sugar bags, wheat bags of ammo are too heavy to carry when full.
How I Used My New Box of Shells......
July 20th, 2007  
Team Infidel
that's great......
July 20th, 2007  
Nice ones sis!!! whats sad is i can see my brother doing most of those lol
July 20th, 2007  
Rob Henderson
And actually keeping track of them. LOL
March 13th, 2009  
March 13th, 2009  

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