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under 20 35 32.71%
20-23 16 14.95%
23-26 10 9.35%
26-30 4 3.74%
above 30 30 28.04%
15 under 12 11.21%
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February 28th, 2005  
March 1st, 2005  

March 1st, 2005  
13 about to be 14.......and i got a 5:59:11
March 1st, 2005  
rotc boy
92 8)
if you have to know my real age im 15
i may be wrong but cant you just look in a persons profile and find this out?
March 1st, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
Originally Posted by Vitaly
Well, I want to max on the APFT so I am working out pretty hard so my times are pretty low.
swimming helps a bunch
March 1st, 2005  
Im 20 tomorrow week.

Evveryone is realy young her.

Thank god michael jackson isnt here!!
March 1st, 2005  
Italian Guy
24 (25 next may)
March 1st, 2005  
sheeit, people here be young.
March 1st, 2005  
Originally Posted by Charge_7
"Grandpa" is in fine enough shape to most likely run your young ass into the ground Sexybeast. 8 miles nearly every day except when I get a hair up and decide to go for 16 or the infrequent marathon. All year round too. In winter I go to the college indoor track.

Missileer, yeah _some_ of them are our replacements. Others are wannabees who neverwill.
damn, u r in better shape than i do

ok, u have been promoted from grandpa to uncle charge_7
March 2nd, 2005  
Charge 7
I was a track star in my youth. Stayed with it. Of course 22 years in the Army was quite the incentive to do so.