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None (still in High School) 12 34.29%
None (out of high school) 1 2.86%
Less than 2 years 5 14.29%
Associates Degree 2 5.71%
Bachelors Degree 11 31.43%
Masters Degree 3 8.57%
Anything higher than a Masters 1 2.86%
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How much college do you have?
June 21st, 2005  
How much college do you have?
Infantry Battleschool.
Did 2 years of university doing Military History, but started to realise it wasn't what I wanted.
June 21st, 2005  
Phd at TDC. (Post Hole Digger at Texas Department of Corrections).
July 28th, 2005  
Originally Posted by RankIt
You should put PHD in there.
You know the definitions of degrees?

B.S. = Bullshait

M.S. = More Shait

PhD = Piled higher & deeper
How much college do you have?
July 29th, 2005  
As was the want in my days, I left school at 14 and finished my education at the University Of Life. I worked a 14 hour but had a great deal of fun doing it. Did it do me any harm, well I don't think so, in those days you rose through your firm with hard work and a bit of good luck. In my early twenties I was running some very large theatres and cinema's in the centre of London, and when TV really began to hurt some of these I slung it all in and went to work for a very large transport firm and wound up a senior manager of that as well. Now these days it all seems to degree related, one chap I had to train while I was working had a degree in Egyptology and when I asked him just what this had to do with job he had applied for, he just said it proves I can read and write.
August 1st, 2005  
I'm 2 yrs in my BEng degree, just 2 left thank god. Dont know if im sticking to it though see if i get air corp or not
August 3rd, 2005  
wife of lips
I finished my schooling in 1995 and I dont feel that I need anymore.
August 3rd, 2005  
Italian Guy
5 yr Bachelor in International and Diplomatic Sciences.
August 3rd, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Still in high school. But I have plenty of years to get a PH.d in a field... or two. That's right me gonna get learned .
August 4th, 2005  
Just waiting for my A2 results then 4 years doing BA International Business