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View Poll Results :How much college do you have?
None (still in High School) 12 34.29%
None (out of high school) 1 2.86%
Less than 2 years 5 14.29%
Associates Degree 2 5.71%
Bachelors Degree 11 31.43%
Masters Degree 3 8.57%
Anything higher than a Masters 1 2.86%
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How much college do you have?
March 24th, 2005  
Charge 7
How much college do you have?
In the US a bachelors degree is four years, but there are many on "the five year plan".
March 25th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Lil Hulk 1988
BA in Math/Chemistry/Physics
BS in Chemical Engineering

MS in Engineering
MS in Management

Too Much.....
I'm sorry sir, you're over qualified. NEXT
March 25th, 2005  
I have none because I am still in High School
How much college do you have?
March 25th, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
Originally Posted by Charge_7
In the US a bachelors degree is four years, but there are many on "the five year plan".
Something like 50% of college students switch majors before their junior year. When you switch, some of your existing credits will not count for your major. There is where that 5th year comes in.

I have no regrets taking off 4 years before starting college. I was much more sure of myself at 22 then 18. Not to mention i was actually motivated to go to college and all my drinking was done on active duty. That may explain the 3.5, even though my SATs were a 980...

...screw standardized tests!!!
June 19th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Italian Guy
5 yr University gives you a Bachelor right? Cuz that's me.
5 years in an NZ uni would put you close to a masters.
June 19th, 2005  
I dont have any college time. I dont plan on having any either.
June 20th, 2005  
finished my last exam for the semester!!!
one semester and im finished, for this degree!!
June 20th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Tibs
Originally Posted by AlexKall
Anyone who can translate these to the Swedish school system, i have no idea.
I found a bit after 10 minutes of 'googling', but I can't be entirely correct - so do some research yourself.

Have not finished Secondary School yet
Finished S3 (*Not entirely sure about this, I didn't read everything on the site)
In university but haven't obtained degree
*I do not see a Swedish equivalent of an Associates degree*
Anything higher than Magister

High School for me.....currently being tormented by the thoughts of GCSE exams....50 days and counting....
Dont know what S3 is but i've gone to a school where you lern a profession.

The Volvo school i'm at now is something between collage and university, kinda a mix of all. Very high tempo.
June 20th, 2005  
Bachelor of International Studies at Adelaide University.
Certificate III in Communications (meaningless paper)
Once I graduate RMC I'll also have some other various diplomas. But they are just to put into civilian terms what an officer can do.
June 20th, 2005  
I'm just working on my Dr. in chemistry.