How many bases have you been to over your cadet career? - Page 3

April 22nd, 2005  
NRS Aldergrove
19th wing comox
HMCS Quadra (Blah, i despise that place.)
Albert head summer training base

That's about it really.

May 10th, 2005  
Fort AP Hill
Quantico Marine Base
Norfolk Naval Base(NAS Oceana is inside)
Langley AFB
Coast Guard Station(also in Norfolk)
Camp Bradey Saunders
May 10th, 2005  
Camp Ripley
Fort snelling
May 10th, 2005  
Ooohh.....le's see here,

Fort Mcoy(Volk Field WIANG CRTC)
MNNG Camp Ripley
ST Paul MN Airbase, REserve Airlift Command
Fort Snelling
June 26th, 2005  
Quantico base
West Point
Fort Drum
CNY marine/naval reserve base
Some over in italy, spain, france when I went with acouple friends
2 in England where my cousin is stationed as a pilot
Coast guard academy
Stratton a.n.g.b
174 air force base
Syracuse naval base
Liverpool army reserve base/training center
CNY Army reserve base
Oswego air force and air national guard base
Fort bennidick
Fort McHenry

Acouple more here an there with CAP and flying, and with my cousin who’s a F16 pilot
July 5th, 2005  
Cadet SSgt. Lance
Hey I have been to

Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va
Army Base Fort Drum, Ny

I am in Mexico MCJROTC and I love every minute of the program, we are supposed to be going somewhere in may of 2006 in virginia sorta like a boot camp thingy!!
July 5th, 2005  
mexico...NY or mexico the country??? cause we have a town in NY called mexico wasn't sure if thats what you ment
July 5th, 2005  
Cadet SSgt. Lance
yes mexico new york
July 5th, 2005  
Not many as a cadet, however over my lifetime quite a few.

Maxwell AFB - Alabama
Travis AFB - California
Aviano AFB - Italy
Kadena AFB - Japan
Langley AFB - Virginia
Nellis AFB - Nevada
Barksdale AFB - Louisiana
Eglin AFB -Florida
Sembach AFB - Germany
Rammstein AFB - Germany
Fort Beauregard - Louisiana NG
Tripler Army Medical Center - Hawaii
Ghedi Air Base - Italy
Coast Guard Island - California
England AFB - Louisiana
July 8th, 2005  
Nellis AFB ?! That must have been sweet

- McGuire AFB
- Willow Grove NAS/JRB
- Pensacola NAS
- Fort Indiantown Gap
- Eglin AFB
- Dover AFB
- Kirtland AFB
- Fort Lee