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How are you honoring those on Memorial Day?
May 31st, 2007  
How are you honoring those on Memorial Day?
Originally Posted by weed
Even though I live in Germany and there isn't another American for miles around, I still fly my flag from the house. In the lower left, you can see my neighbors German flag, he always puts it up whenever he sees Old Glory flying over the town!

Also form that photo it looks like you live on some nice property. If your kraut
neighbors don't like Old Glory, please remind them about how she liberated them from the powers of Hitler and later from the powers of Communism.
June 1st, 2007  
I got a nice view, and being up on the hill, I don't need flood insurance!

That's my neighbor just having some fun, flying his flag whenever mine's up. Actually, I live in a very pro American area. I live just a few minutes away from the old border(check out the photo gallery). I don't need to remind them about what America has done. Everyone knows all too well how close they came to learning Russian in school. They grew up with American troops literally in their back yards. They may not be exactly pro-Iraq, but they are not as anti-America as most people hear Germans are. To most people in this area Americans are friends, always have been and always will be. Some even go as far as complain that it is embarrassing that the U.S. does the fighting in the 'Stan while the Bundeswehr sits up north doing nothing but looking pretty!
June 1st, 2007  
For Veterans day, MY family and I took a trip to my grandfather and great-grandfather's graves, one who served in WWII and the other in WWI.
How are you honoring those on Memorial Day?
June 2nd, 2007  
major liability
I spent some time pondering what it must have been like for my great uncle who was gunned down on Omaha beach.

Then, I did what most Americans were doing, getting drunk and having a BBQ.

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