How fast did you close the office?

How fast did you close the office?
December 26th, 2008  
Mark Conley

Topic: How fast did you close the office?

How fast did you close the office?
One day in sunny vietnam: circa 1968:

A young air force security officer was in charge of the classified maps and photographs used to plan bombing strikes against targets in north viet nam. He had only been at the office for a few days, and had not had the pleasure of going through one of the daily rocket attacks against the place by one of the VC rocket teams that frequented the area.

Well there was always a first time. The base was hit by several rocket teams at thier usual time at mid-day. surprisingly, a few minutes after the strike started, the young officer was found properly down in the office slit trench by the other staff from the intelligence office. The NCOIC asked the young officer, as he was responsible for all the classified documents, if he had secured the office before he got in the trench.

"Yes Sir Seargeant" the young man replied. I put the photos in the file cabinet, the maps in the safe, cleared the tables, locked the doors, and shut all the safes. Then i got in the trench".

"good Job Lt" the sgt said. "How Long did it take you"? asked the Sgt.

"I Think about 5 seconds" said the Lt. "
December 26th, 2008  
LOL. Classic.
December 27th, 2008  
That long, huh? Slow poke.
How fast did you close the office?
September 20th, 2009  
I dont get it...Somebody explain to me?
September 23rd, 2009  
Pretty impressive, sir, but why did you lock the keys in there?
September 28th, 2009  

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