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View Poll Results :How did you find this forum?
Googled it!! 19 47.50%
through 9 22.50%
from another forum *list below* 0 0%
other *please list in a post* 9 22.50%
no one cares implicature GET A LIFE!! 3 7.50%
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How did you find this forum?
September 30th, 2005  
How did you find this forum?
October 1st, 2005  
someone told me about, then i came here.
October 14th, 2005  
Silent Driller told me about it.
How did you find this forum?
October 14th, 2005  
googled it.
October 14th, 2005  
I was looking for a place that would make me lose contact with the outside world. A place where I could spend 24/7 on. I googled that, and this popped up.
October 15th, 2005  
pretty much like some of the guys..

was searching for some military quotes and this site appeared!
October 16th, 2005  
I had just began my quest to go to West Point after high school and so I researched it as much as possible, picking up a plethora of military knowledge, and in time......Google brought me here.
October 17th, 2005  
I searched for a quote attributed to General U. S. Grant, and bingo found this forum and next thing I know I'm at the rank of Major
October 17th, 2005  
Did some surfing for military mottos and and voilą - another bookmark in Opera.. 8)
October 18th, 2005  
I found this site by looking for military quotes for another board.