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January 8th, 2010  
FO Seaman
Originally Posted by mmarsh
I dont think WWII pilots were issued revolvers in general, the only exception I can think of was the RAF that carried two versions (II and IV) of Webley Service Revolver 38. This was a critical shortage of handguns in the UK when the war began so when lend-lease started most had been issued the American Colt .45, or Browning HP.

So to answer your question, revolvers were relatively rare amongst aircrews, I dont think the RAF issued speed loaders so I would imagine any spare ammo was carried loose. Keep in mind the Senojekips is right, being shotdown in enemy territory usually meant death or capture. A Pistol wasnt going to get you far against an enemy carring rifles and submachine guns.

As to my knowledge helo crews in Vietnam carried the S&W .38 Special
January 10th, 2010  
Aviators carried additional ammo in dump pouches or in loops built into their holster harness's.

As for wheel guns in WWII I had an uncle in Lib's as a navigator he carried a victory model S&W .38. My other uncle carried a Colt Police special in .38, he flew 47's.

Up until the mid 80's the USAF Security police and pilots and aircrews carried S&W model 10 & 13 M&P revolvers in 38.

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