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January 27th, 2005  
i think we should have a debate thread put on, for debates on sensative issues, redleg has the honors of banning anyone that are racially bashing
January 27th, 2005  
I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean??

We have a lot of debate threads in here already, and raciall bashing/flaming will most certainly lead to banning.
February 17th, 2005  
The "Hall of Shame" have now been opened at the bottom of the forum.

All permanently locked threads will from now on be moved down there, so you can go down there to read and learn what's not accepted behavior in here.
February 17th, 2005  
Charge 7
Our very own rogues gallery!
February 17th, 2005  
great idea...i love it!
February 17th, 2005  
Originally Posted by SwordFish_13

Yes True BUT there should be a Line between Flaming and Heated Debate .................and IMHO the Panic Button should not be Pushed too Soon .

By the Word Constructive flamming I ment Debate i know the Line between them is very thin ................But there is a Line............... they are not the Same.

My thought on the Matter

I think the line is extremely obvious. If you get offended and start hurling insults, ethnic/national slurs or any nonsensical psychobabble in retaliation, you are now FLAMING. If somebody has dropped into such a mode, there is no longer any possibility of rational discussion because angry people are can't be reasoned with.

Now we have seen a number of instant reactions that make no sense at all. "Yeah, well Afganistanis are all sexists!" or somesuch nonsense, generally completely unrelated to the topic. Those are Spam in my eyes.
February 20th, 2005  
I'll post it here as well, just to make sure everyone sees it:

I would like all of you to pay very special attention to this new forum specific rule before you continue to post in this part of the forums:

I'm getting pretty tired of ruined serious threads now, and flaming/name calling/country bashing etc. in the military discussions will lead to an immediate temp ban, without any warning!

Please PM me or post here if you have any better/other suggestions or questions, I'm open to all suggestions that can make this a better (and more mature) forum for all of us.

Now please let's continue on topic in the remaining open threads.

Thanks for your understanding..
October 5th, 2005  
ok ive been banned 3 time from this site for my famous ''smiley wars"

ok i guess i learned my lesson dont you think
February 3rd, 2006  
Additional addendum to rule

You may be completely ignored when you report a post. This may be a factor of post count or time spent on the forum.
February 4th, 2006  
Originally Posted by headspace
Additional addendum to rule

You may be completely ignored when you report a post. This may be a factor of post count or time spent on the forum.
That is not true at all. I may not be a administrator here but since I am on another site I know how things work around a forum. Be patient and give the some time to work on the problem if there now is a problem. They do everything that they can so we can enjoy this forum. So please, do not think that they do not care for trust me, they do. I know, I've been on this forum for a pretty long time.. 2 years to be exact. (Even though I had another account at first but forgot my password and had to make a new one.)

So completely ignored? No.
You have to be patient? Yes.

Rome wasn't built in one day and surely not MilForum either.