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How to answer the phone
June 13th, 2007  
How to answer the phone
Originally Posted by Padre
New Zealand 2007 Birth Rate = 13.61 per 1,000 population.

Australian 2007 Birth Rate = 12.02 per 1,000

Netherlands 2007 Birth Rate = 10.7 per 1,000

Don't know who's having more fun, but...........
Hahahaha..... It just shows that we remember what we learn in sex education in school. The others knock their women up any given chance they have.....
June 13th, 2007  
Del Boy

Obviously things have changed in New Zealand. When I was there in 1950, the girls told me that all the local boys were interested in were their motor-bikes. Of course, that was before sex education. Looks like it worked.

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