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Wrong me and I will (attempt to?) fong you 12 12.50%
I pick fights I can win! 6 6.25%
Sometimes I am, sometimes I am not 34 35.42%
If cornered, l'll fight to the death 34 35.42%
I am a peaceful Saint 10 10.42%
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February 21st, 2005  
im very aggressive
February 24th, 2005  
it all depends on who confronts me
March 6th, 2005  
I usually give a warning to the person 10 times before I turn myself loose.
March 6th, 2005  
i try not to fight at all,i dont like it and most of the times i ignore provocations......and it really works 99 percent of times,but when some one bites hard,i intend to give him hell walk-trough but i fight mostly in groops,for example my class against another,or when my classmate is in trouble with like 15 guys,whole class comes out to fight with him,so i had 1vs1 very very small amount of times.
March 7th, 2005  
i'm a pretty big guy, about 200lbs and i am about six foot, i lift weights and work out every day. every one in my school knows my name, so no one really wants to fight me its all intimidation but if some one did confront me and wanted to fight my i would back down. sometimes its what you don't do that makes you the bigger person.
March 8th, 2005  
The Other Guy
No offense to small people on the forum (I'm not too tall myself!), but...

Almost everyone smaller than me has this real cocky attitude, as if they're "so good", and all they do is tick people off and pick fights in which they then get their ***** kicked. Rub me the wrong way, I ignore you. go too far, and I will fight until the other guy (forgive the pun) is unconsious. Then, one kick for good measure.
June 15th, 2007  
I'm very aggressive... less so on the internet than in real life. I am not joking when I tell someone I think they need to throat punch someone, I really think that. I think many things in life can only be solved through violence and as I get older the more I believe it. In high school and uni and during my time in uniform I was a joker, never got into fights unless cornered (except one incident that almost got me sent to Ft Hood) but that has changed. Today if someone looks at me funny I will move directly to them and ask WTF is on their mind. I play rugby and don't care if we win or lose, I'm only playing to get some good hard HITS. Sometimes it worries me but then other times I think I have simply adapted to fit my current reality. I've lost my conscience about hurting another human being. I really don't care, it doesn't bother me and ten years ago I would have lost sleep over it... and yes, I've had it checked and my testosterone levels are normal and I don't have a tumor. I am just a violent anymore. My Aussie mates don't seem to mind.
June 15th, 2007  
I'm definitely not aggressive, I'm as easy going as you'll find in a long days walk. But I can hold my own when pushed. (or at least I could last time I needed to)

Usually, because of my very quiet demeanour, it's all over very quickly.

I have only ever lost one fight, and I wasn't even involved in it. A wooden stool being swung by a Singaporean taxi driver opened up my chin and left me flat on the ground with seven stitches needed. (He was swinging at the bloke seated behind me and I decided to get out of the way)
June 15th, 2007  
Im usually easy going till pushed too far. People never really messed with me too much because i let it be known that i wouldnt take crap off anyone. Also im from an area that is known for being tuff lmbo...You can be from this area and never have been in a fight in your life and you tell them where your from and their like "hey dont mess with them" lol...I usually get along with most until they give me a reason not to.
June 16th, 2007  
C/2nd Lt Robot
I'm glad to see that I didn't post how aggressive I was when I first saw this thread years ago. I probably would have said I was a bad mother . I'm far from that, although people tend to think I am a B.A.M.F. because I have a perpetual ticked off look (which works to my advantage most of the time). I'm definitely one who will fight if cornered. A few months ago in the weight room someone was pushing my buttons all wrong, he stepped down after I grabbed a 45lb plate - I'm proud to say I'll fight dirty.

I've never been in a fight in my life; I've come close plenty of times, though. At 5'11" and 149 lbs I'm not the biggest dog in the pack, I never have been, but I've got a lot of heart and they'll have a lot of hurt . . . whether I win or not.