Houthis, tribesmen battle in central Yemen, 15 killed

April 28th, 2015  
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Topic: Houthis, tribesmen battle in central Yemen, 15 killed

By Mohammed Ghobari CAIRO (Reuters) - Heavy fighting between Iranian-allied Houthi militia and local tribesmen killed at least 15 people in Yemen's oil-producing Marib province and an air strike targeted the home of a senior Houthi official, residents and tribal and medical sources said. Yemeni Vice President Khaled Bahah had called on the Houthis on Monday to heed a U.N. Security Council demand for an end to fighting. The conflict has pushed Yemen into a humanitarian "catastrophe", according to the Red Cross. Top world oil exporter Saudi Arabia, rattled by what it sees as expanding Iranian influence in the region, has been leading a Gulf Arab coalition in waging air strikes on Houthi targets since late March.


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