Hot Button ?

Hot Button ?
November 5th, 2014  

Topic: Hot Button ?

Hot Button ?
Just a few days ago the hot button issues in this Country was ISIS and Ebola , that's all you heard about 24/7 now silence , ISIS is not something we can do much about with the present mindset of our elected C in C , and Ebola is something we can do something about but again the mind set of the President seems to hinder this .
November 5th, 2014  
It seems based off the latest reports that the Peshmerga and the IA are starting to push ISIS back a bit. I'm not sure how it will play out, but perhaps they were a hot flame that burned quickly and now they are starting to lose some of their heat...Of course, a dying adversary is most dangerous when cornered and desperate and it is still a long road ahead. As for the Ebola...I think the reaction to it nationally has been a bit ludicrous...several thousand Americans die each year from the flu...yet there's no knee jerk reaction to it...

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