Hope this is new (The Draft)

March 14th, 2005  

Topic: Hope this is new (The Draft)

I stay so behind in keeping up in the forum with school and all, but I'm looking for a topic that I can do a HUGE arguement based research paper on. This is a college class and the professor is hard to please which I think is fine. It makes us rise to the occasion, but I've having a bad week and drawing a blank. I want to write on something concerning the US military as I always want to increase my knowledge on it. Anyway I was thinkin of arguing agaist the draft. So any help on that as far as well educated responses and links on the draft and the stuff like the stop loss program would be such a HUGE help to me. Also if any of you can think of a better topic feel free to post that too. Thanks everyone for the help.
March 14th, 2005  
the draft is pointless,

the US has proved that the best army is a volunteer one...your troops want to serve...be trained etc

it's all well and good having a huge standing army....but if they're all conscripts how many will you lose to desertion well the brown stuff hits the wirly thing
March 14th, 2005  
Charge 7
There was a long running thread here about compulsory military service. Many points of view were made but the majority of Americans were against it. You might try referencing that thread. I'm sure you'll find alot of info and many suggestions for things to consider.
March 15th, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
there be a poll on the issue as well.


those old threads never seem to go away forever
March 21st, 2005  
theres not gonna be no freakin draft
March 22nd, 2005  
A Can of Man
If you have the time, consult Robert Heinlien's Starship Troopers. It makes a great case for an all volunteer army.
Basically the point is:
- The ones who make it far in the combat arms are there because they WANT to fight, not because they have to.
- Volunteers mean these guys are much more likely to be responsible troopers.
- There is no morale problem with "why we fight." They fight because that's their profession. If anything, they fight for the honor and reputation of their unit.

Of course there are other reasons as a lot of veterans here have explained.

I've seen some draftees come out of the Army here... man, some of them have some real serious loser attitudes. A key reason why I want to join the Marines. Which by the way, I have the service specific physical for today. *gulp*
March 22nd, 2005  
i think it all depends on the situation, a draft would not work here in the US b/c there are to many people who argue that there is no reason to fight when nothing is happening on our home soil and dont understand that we go fight in there lands so that they dont hit home soil.

in places like Israel where the threat is very close to everyone it works b/c they all believe and they all are fighting to keep there home, not in a foreign soil but at home where there no more than 6hrs from there home town at any given time.

i know as a US Marine i dont want to rely on some kid who doesnt believe in what he is doing or where he is at watching my back. im sure there are some people who if they got drafted would be good to go but i bet for the most part they wouldnt watch my back as well as someone who was there voluntarily
March 22nd, 2005  
A Can of Man
Right and do keep in mind the culture of the society and also the situation they are in makes a difference.
Draft Armies have been successful in the past and many have reached an extremely high level of professionalism.
So it's never an absolute.
Also sometimes a draft is just neccessary because they'll never get the number they need by asking for volunteers.
March 24th, 2005  
the more technology grows, the chance of a draft will lessen. the commercial slogan of the Army is AN ARMY OF ONE. with new technology the need for a mass infantry offensive is all but obsolete nowadays. i seriously doubt there will be a draft. but hey thats what i said about the last presidential election.
March 24th, 2005  
A Can of Man
be careful what u say behemoth, if you've been paying attention to what's going on, you'd realize the infantry is back and it's a heck of a lot more important than a lot of people thought it'd be.