Hooligans At War - Afghan Doc

Hooligans At War - Afghan Doc
January 11th, 2014  

Topic: Hooligans At War - Afghan Doc

Hooligans At War - Afghan Doc
New Afghanistan documentary that follows "Hooligan Platoon" during a deployment. A little different than the other shoot em up style documentaries. You can only watch it free in the US with this link:


If outside of the US, here is the Facebook page of the film... I think they have some video clips from the movie:

January 12th, 2014  
Watched it last night, pretty basic stuff. I would rate it as an "introductory" documentary when it comes to the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm curious, was the platoons PL a captain or did the platoon just not have a PL? I'm also wonder why in 2009 their deployment was only 9 months long. I'm pretty sure the Army was still doing at least 12 month and often 15 month deployments at that time. The filmmaker was only with this platoon for 3 weeks. I'm sure if he'd of stayed with that platoon for at least 2 months he would have had a much more substantiative documentary. He also caught them at the beginning of their deployment when they were fresh and ideal about the AO. I want to see them in month 7 or 8. Or, see them throughout the duration of their deployment in order for the viewer to see with their own eyes the transformation that is made. That's just my thought.

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