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August 2nd, 2015  
Originally Posted by JRotc_cadet
Bill O'REILLY is one of the best news anchors in my opinion. And Brian Williams I would only trust him to sell my used car.
have to agree with that
August 3rd, 2015  
Originally Posted by Kesse81
In my opinion, BBC World News is highly regarded and trusted.
Wrong .. i actually tested their trust during the Bahranian revolution 2011 .. when i faked some news about the egyptian navy reaching to bahrain to protect their coast again iranian invasion (i did write that in the Bahranian forum) just after 5 minutes , i saw my fake news on the Urgent line on BBC
: )))
August 3rd, 2015  
Originally Posted by LeEnfield
Now if you bury a Muslim martyr or his remains in a pig skin then he can not go past go or collect his virgins. Now if we started to do this I wonder how many of them would want to die
are you for real? lol does it really matter? making bullets containing pig's skin or burying muslims in a pig skin , like they can fool god ? haha whatever
October 30th, 2015  
Not only Pope, but Russian Orthodox Church’s too declarate the Holy War. Look here: http://mil.today/2015/Syria7/

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