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October 2nd, 2005  
What is the problem with debating the subject?
it is prohibited?
They are the USA and UK countries with freedom of expression and democracy?
who is scared?
that there is to hide?
in the wars always born much lies... in both sides.
October 2nd, 2005  
it's like debating with Galloway or Pilger.
October 2nd, 2005  
Dear KC.. you only like ban this post.. why??

if no have proof, don´t disturb.
have much more topics to you.
I only have one here to investigate this case.
have people which cover the lies and people which search the true...
i prefer be the second option.
October 2nd, 2005  
Originally two were short and one length. But now I am left one short and the lengths... are two. Why?

The Royal Navy's flagship aircraft carrier, HMS Ark Royal, is the
fifth vessel to bear the distinguished name.
The first, a 38-gun ship built for Sir Walter Raleigh, saw action
against the Spanish Armada in 1588.

But following a major refit, the most recent incarnation of this proud
family is well equipped for modern warfare.

Able to operate the Navy's latest Merlin helicopters as well as
Harrier jump jets, the 20,000-ton carrier can also cruise at more than
30 knots.

A central part of the Navy's strength, the ship is both a mobile
airfield and a command and control base.

Inside HMS Ark Royal

Enlarge image

Her 686 crew work alongside 366 airmen and women to keep the vessel
and her aircraft running.

She can carry Sea Harrier FA2 jump jets capable of air defence or
ground attack and RAF Harrier GR7 surface attack planes.

But at present the Ark Royal is not configured to carry Harriers.

The carrier's flight deck has now been strengthened to take the new
Merlin anti-submarine helicopters.

Ark Royal also received a new main mast and fresh combat systems in
the two-year refit, completed in autumn 2001, at Rosyth in Dunfermline.

At 210 metres (683 feet) long, Ark Royal is larger than her sister
ships Illustrious and Invincible
, and also has a steeper flight ramp
to assist take-offs.

Technical specifications
Click here for details

But she is just as versatile, able to operate almost anywhere in the

Aircraft carriers are key to modern defence strategy, allowing for
early reconnaissance, the landing of special forces and land attack
from the air.

Built in 1978, Ark Royal was launched by the Queen Mother, who
remained the ship's patron.

Proud heritage

It was the fourth Royal Navy ship to bear the distinguished name in
the 20th Century.

The second Ark Royal saw service in the First World War, while the
third played a distinguished role in World War II.

It launched the torpedo plane attack which crippled the Bismarck, but
the British carrier was later sunk returning from Malta in 1941.

The fourth Ark Royal - commissioned in 1955 - was the first Royal Navy
carrier to feature all the developments enabling jet operations,
including an angled deck, steam catapult and a mirror landing aid.

The current vessel entered service in 1985 and played a key role in
the Balkans conflict in the early 1990s, mainly based in the Adriatic.

Captain Alan Massey, from Ipswich, took command of the Ark Royal last

The ship's recent refit is expected to keep Ark Royal in active
service until the next generation of super carriers are ready in 2015.

Ark Royal's crew will no doubt do their best to meet whatever
challenges they face until then, taking heart from the vessel's motto
- 'Zeal Does Not Rest'.

Invincible Class Aircraft Carrier

Crew: 1089
Main weapons: Sea King helicopters, anti-sub helicopters, Phalanx
anti-missile system, Goalkeeper defence system, 20mm close-range guns
Length: 210m (683ft)
Maximum beam: 36m (117ft)
Displacement: 20,000 tonnes
Power: 4 Olympus gas turbines
October 2nd, 2005  
October 2nd, 2005  
I have got a good link on this
October 2nd, 2005  
has tips incorrect.

Despite the bad weather, on 30 May, the Argentinean Air Force and the Naval Aviation started their first really coordinated attack, deploying two Super Etendards and four Skyhawks into attack against what they believed was the main body of the British Task Force. After refueling twice from KC-130s, the strike package made a wide turn around to the south of the British fleet, and then initiated the attack by launching a single Exocet, with Skyhawks following closely behind. The British detected the threat, and shot down the missile and two Skyhawks, while the other two attacked a British frigate, misidentifying her for the HMS Invincible due to the bad weather and intensive smoke caused by AAA and ships moving at high speed.
1- the smoke in this case is white and ligth..., the smoke seen by the Argentine Skyhawk pilots was not white, but black and strong.
2- Even in a stress situation like being attacked with AAA and SAM fire, it is hard to mis-identify the big, lateral flight deck of a carrier with the small helicopter flight deck of a frigate.
3- if you see my last photo posted can see easily the A4 squadron behind the SUE... is not possible in bad weather.
4- it is highly unlikely that a 114 mm shell could actually destroy a sea-skimming missile flying at 10 metres high at 1,000 km/h.
if is true, because its device is not used as anti-missile defense actually??

The date and the data about 2 Skyhawks shot down is correct.

Royal Navy change four times your official attack version.
from denying the existence to saying that the Atlantic Conveyor (sunk in May 25th) was attacked instead of the HMS Invincible.
October 2nd, 2005  
more lies in your refer link...
Although claimed as damaged in the last Exocet-attack by Argentinean Navy’s Super Etendards and Air Force’s Skyhawks, on 30 June 1982, the HMS Invincible actually remained in the area long after the main body of the British Task force and was relieved on the station only by the HMS Illustrious in July 1982. Both ships can be seen here during a meeting in the South Atlantic.

Are 2 carriers of different length.
One is short hull identificated with N and another one is long hull the identificated with L. This photo was taken advanced year 1983, not in June of 1982.
October 2nd, 2005  
I wonder what sort of nation NYHunter thinks Britain is

Despite Britains Official Secrets Act, there is no way that the British government could keep an event as big as this secret.

I can't even think of a good enough reason why they should
October 2nd, 2005