January 19th, 2015  

Topic: History

The present fight against terrorists acting in many countries in our modern world reminds us of the - sect of the « assassins » - acting in M-E from 1073 to 1258. Sometimes History seems repeating itself!
Around 1073, a drift from the Khuran caused a long fight and many massacres. Ismaelits were interpreting islamism at will, altering its nature, condemning the Calif of Baghdad, Faith and morale, and using all possible means to reach their objectives..
Hassan, son of Sabbah was born in Khorazan ; his father, one among Ali followers, had sent him into a Sunnite environment, there he was well progressing in knowledge, but finally ill-favored by courtiers he came back in Asia bringing back his disappointment and longing for might at all costs. He made almost immediately numerous followers and conquered the Alamout fortress with sultan Malek-Schah’s help. Hassan lived in Alamut during 35 years preparing by all means a new society according to his views. His followers the « fedaviés » were sent all around with the mission to convert « unfaithfuls » to the new Islamic law. The « fedaviés », or holy devouts were instruments of repression and will of their sect. Kept in closure the devouts were instructed that their eternal salvation was linked to their full obediance, and only one disobediance induced eternal damnation for them. Their sleep was caused by intoxicating drinking of haschich, giving them the name of « haschischins » or assassins (killers). Then their leader, the Old Man in the Moutains » gave them a dagger and the name of one or several victims…
Their enduring crimes took place from Mediterranean Sea to Turkestan. During more than 150 years they entertained terror on their way. The only living king, never flinching before them, was Saint Louis, King of France. They were pursued through all Asia, pitilessly slaughtered wherever found. Finally, they were hit and destroyed by Mongols in 1258.

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