History of the Chieftain..

July 3rd, 2010  

Topic: History of the Chieftain..


My name is David Myers. I have an interest in military gaming, and in that vein, I'm trying to track down some information on the British Chieftain tank and the various anti-tank ammunition it used and when. I have some information on various ammo for this tank but not years of introduction, and that kind of thing would be useful to me.

I'm pretty sure the Chieftain as fielded in 1965 just wasn't the same weapon as fielded in 1992 (fire control for one, and available ammo for another), and knowing when certain shells were available to it would help in designing "what if?" scenarios.


David Myers.
July 11th, 2010  

For what its worth, found what I needed to know about ammo & the Chieftain.

July 18th, 2010  
What do you mean by military gaming?

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