High-Tech Artillery Shell From Raytheon Likely To Be Sent To Iraq In May - Page 4

June 28th, 2007  

Topic: Shell cost

Sorry for the basic question but for a smaller country's army with less resources what do normal 155mm rounds cost?
August 2nd, 2007  
Looks like.....

155mm NATO HE: Weight: 43.88 kg; Price: $440 (C/S)
155mm NATO HE RAP: Weight: 48.27 kg; Price: $690 (C/S)

Plus 60 for the Propellent Charge

But then theres building the plant for the Rounds and Fuze in the first place, and building the plant for the High Explosives and Propellent.
Then the Cost of the Gun.

There's a whole list at the link below, took me about 30 seconds to find it on the Internet by typing "155mm Round Cost" into google.... and I don't type very fast.
August 5th, 2007  
Wasn't this shell just used to take out an insurgiant leader?

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