High Scores for the Games of 2007

December 23rd, 2007  
Team Infidel

Topic: High Scores for the Games of 2007

High Scores for the Games of 2007
Even with heavy hitters like Spore, G.T.A. IV and Super Smash Bros. on the horizon for 2008, it will be tough for next year to top the crop of 2007.
December 24th, 2007  
Frankly I don't see too many 'HOT' games for 2008. There are a few new MMOs (I am on the Beta of a few) that look nice nothing I cannot live without.

The only game I am really interested in are Empire Total War, SOE: BOB, Mercenaries 2 , AOC, and WAR.

I dont think GTA IV will be ready for 2008. Take-Two is having financial problems, nothing to worry about but they need a new group of investors, and there have been technical problems on the project as well.

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