High Military Schools

August 10th, 2005  

Topic: High Military Schools

I am interested in military education system. In my country we have three high military schools where you can become officer: Academy of War Navy, High Military School of Land Troops, High Military School of Air Force. We also have a lot of schools where you can become non commisioned officer:Navy, Air Force, Artillery&Rockets, Corps of Signal&Informatics, Corps of Medic. We have also one year courses when you can become officer but first you must finish civilian high school.
I would like to know what is military education system in your countries. I invite everybody to discussion.
August 14th, 2005  
United States Military Academy -Army
United States Naval Academy- Navy/Marine Corps
United States Coast Guard Academy
United States Air Force Academy

Naval ROTC
Air Force ROTC
Marine Corps PLC

The above will get you commissioned. Then you some Universities with Corps of cadets.

Texas A&M
Virginia Military Institute
The Citadel

and probably more that I'm missing.
August 16th, 2005  
There is also Valley Forge, a 2 year college that has a shortened ROTC program (at least they claimed that is what they had) Virgina Tech also has a Corps of Cadets. I leave for Norwich for my first year this Friday.