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May 22nd, 2014  
Originally Posted by brinktk
LOL, well that's about right...

Friendly fire?...did it take you to lunch or something? ;P

The Purple Heart medal simply means you were smart enough to come up with a plan, dumb enough to try it, and lucky enough to survive! Don't worry, I too have an enemy marksmanship badge...except I seemed to be a magnet for RPG's much to the annoyance of my platoon mates.
Nah more like you were stupid enough to get in the line of the backFIRE

Originally Posted by JOC
Brinktk Your cracking me up, although at the time it wasn't funny at all! I can remember being on the receiving end of that to much time in AIT. Yes plenty of polishing and mopping (BTW the floors weren't always in need of of all this buffing, etc.) just for good measure. Or as mentioned Private XX "take off" which meant get running usually a mile or 2 for good measure. Again if you had to much idle time and were not using it to study.
"Free" time? What is this "free" time that you speak of? If you got time to lean, you got time to clean!
May 23rd, 2014  
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June 1st, 2014  
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You're welcome