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March 30th, 2005  
Of course you're welcome around here! Hope to see you posting around!
March 31st, 2005  
Welcome Abby. I am a VietNam Era Vet but got out before things got hot. Thank your Dad for me. Did he ever tell you that if he had a home in Hell and a duffel bag in VietNam, he'd pack his bag and go home?
April 6th, 2005  
Welcome Abby. You'll like it here.
April 6th, 2005  
Charge 7
Welcome to the forums, Abby
April 7th, 2005  
Nice to see you
April 14th, 2005  
welcome to the forum abby hope you like your stay
April 15th, 2005  
Enjoy the worlds greatest forum!