September 7th, 2004  

Topic: HELP!!!!!!

okay, well im a sophmore in high school, i pretty much know i will not get into the USNA, so i want to go to California Polytechnic University, but, Cal Poly doesn't have the NROTC, so if i go, could i switch to the marine corp. after my service in the army "saying im a Captian", would i still be a captain in the marine's? and, could i still get up to the general Rank?
September 8th, 2004  
Airborne Eagle
You're a high school sophpmore and you're worrying if you can switch services and still make general? Truly a sophomore.

Hey, relax.

Even though Cal-Poly may not have NROTC unit, you may be able to go to another local campus to fulfill your obligation. THis was frequent with the USAF. They're not at every campus, so they'd allow their cadets to train at Penn State or the PA state schools.

If none of that works out and you really feel you must go through Army ROTC, you may still be able to attend Platoon Leader's camp with the Marine ROTC. Check with a local Marine officer recruiter. Make sure you get an officer recruiter and not an enlisted recruiter. DOn't let them tell you they're just as good with this.

Explore options and don't "settle" for what they offer. Chances are, if you hold out, you'll get more info and will make a much wiser decision. You've got a ton of time.
September 8th, 2004  
Thank you, i guess i could research a bit.
September 9th, 2004  
Well as I see it you've got 2 options if you want to commission directly Navy.

(1). You can be a crosstown student at a local college that has NROTC. For example where I'm at we have Navy but I want to go Air Force so I go somewhere else just for those classes/activities.

(2). Do AROTC (from what you said I gather that they have it) and commission Navy! It's definitley possible I know someone who's considering it. You can cross-commission it just requires more paperwork

Good Luck!
September 10th, 2004  
Building on what Airborne Eagle said,
You could join the USMC Platoon Leaders Class. This is what I plan on doing.

This is the info I got from

"This program allows students to complete the requirements for Marines commission without interrupting your academic career. For college freshman and sophomores, PLC is two six-week training sessions at the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. Juniors attend a 10-week session. PLC training occurs during the summer months.

Travel costs, meals, textbooks, uniforms and lodging are provided by the Marine Corps, and students are paid for their time. Additional financial assistance may be obtained for participation in active duty. Upon graduation with a grade average of C or higher, students are commissioned Second Lieutenants of Marines.

The benefits to becoming an officer while still in college are numerous. You'll receive valuable leadership training during the summer that does not interfere with school-year activities. You obtain confidence and experience in the most committed team environment possible.

You may receive tax-free financial assistance of up to $7,000 for Platoon Leaders Class participation. In addition, you will earn up to $2,985 during your training. Most colleges will grant academic credit for your summer training."

You can get more info about PLC from these sites

Semper Fi

Good Luck