help me on my family history : General Manfred Stern "K

January 31st, 2005  

Topic: help me on my family history : General Manfred Stern "K

Hello. My grandmothers uncle was a soviet general sent to aid the international brigade in Spain 1936-39 and went by the pseudonym General Kleber although his real name was General Manfred Stern.
I dont know much about him and i would like to, all i know was that he was rather succesful and defended madrid against falangist attacks succesfuly in 37 but around 39 he was a victim of one of stalins purges.
in addition, i believe he was in action in manchuria not sure though.
thank you for your help! anything is appreciated.
January 31st, 2005  
sweet, having a military general as ur relative

from what you said, all u know is that he is ur relative and you dont know much about him

my advice: google it
January 31st, 2005  
the google it response seems to work

get someone to translate

there is a picture, me thinks?

more in german

once you get it translated, maybe give the info to this website

and plz show us the story, i cant find anything in more detail than you have written
February 6th, 2009  
im supposidly related to Major general Willian C Chase but i have no idea how to figure out if i am or not any possible ideas?
June 22nd, 2013  

Topic: Manfred Stern

If you are related to Manfred Stern, you might be related to me, since his mother and my great grandmother were sisters. Several explanations for his dismissal from the Russian army and sentencing to hard labor in Siberia have been provided. According to relatives of his now living in New York, it was a result of Stalin's determination to rid the military of Jewish officers.

Though I was unaware of Sterns appearance in Manchuria, I do know that he served as an adviser to Mao-tse Tung.