Hello from Sweden - Page 2

October 25th, 2004  
Italian Guy
The North is taking over uh? Welcome Lars. Yeah RL nice name.
October 31st, 2004  
Välkommen hit! Hoppas du får utlopp för dina intressen här.

(Basically for non-Swedish speakers; Welcome, I hope that you will enjoy this forum)
November 1st, 2004  
Welcome. Glad to have with with us, Captain. What's your MOS?
November 1st, 2004  
So whats service like in your country?
November 1st, 2004  
Thanks again for the welcome here.

My military carrer is a little different compared to ther Swedes.

In Sweden all men have to do military service. I did mine in the Navy as a electronics expert. I continued in the Navy, went to the academy and later served as a Chief Electronics Officer on this kind of ship


I later switched over to the AirForce and worked with different radarsystems. I've been platoon leader Radarplatoon, 2IC Radarcompany and several other very technical positions.

I left the service in 99 and now work with Informationsecurity for a major swedish insurance company.

I've been in the AirForce reserve since 99 and have only b´done five days during that time. Hopefully I will do some days in uniform next year.

How it is to serve in Sweden? Well hard for me to compare, never served abroad... We don't have any regular NCO here it's the officers who do all the basic training with the soldiers. I've done mine share with drilling ad so on..

Anymore questions? Please send them to me.