hello everyone!SOS

March 5th, 2014  

Topic: hello everyone!SOS

I am a new member. lived in china,

Serving six years in prison for freedom, just released three months

I have already lost my family
I wish someone can help me !
March 5th, 2014  
March 6th, 2014  
Welcome aboard.
March 6th, 2014  
Cne C
You're welcome
April 19th, 2014  
Team Infidel
May 17th, 2014  
After I left the communist concentration camp, I had been kidnapped by communist spy organization for half a year up until now, spy chief make lots of loud noise around my house everyday ,want to give sustained hurt, but I am not afraid, not alone, because I believe that God will bless his children,

Internet is my only window, but do not know how long it can remain

If someone who want to study chinese can contact with me !

because I want to study English too

skype: wenyan1507800123
May 17th, 2014  
May 17th, 2014  
According to my personal observation

Now the number of chinese young people wish to participate in the U.S. military and its allies is far more than SS (party guarding army).

The only problem is language barrier.

Recently,the CCP determined to abolish English as a main subject in the school, the real reason is in this .
May 17th, 2014  
In the concentration camp, I would advise other inmates to read the Holy Bible,They all have a high interest but prisons are not allowed.

Then, I also teach them to learn English, they are also very interest . also forbidden

prisons prohibit any prisoner contact with me.

in fact, I did not discuss any political issues with other prisoners,

because ccp and prisons hate us loving Democracy and Science

but,ccp and prisons still are very fear
May 17th, 2014  
Just saw: My another brother died in chinese concentration camp

Translated as follows :

Hankou prison inmate died mysteriously

Peng Fang Wang, male, born August 14, 1985, age 29 years, in jail for robbery in 2003, Was sentenced to eighteen years, serving prison Hankou in Hubei province, during the positive transformation, performed well, many times commutation, in can be released from prison in September next year.

but at 8:00 on February 17 a terrible bad news came from the prison, Wang Peng Fang died on the evening of February 16, around 20:00, Hankou prison to inform families of the deceased is "suicide."

How?one time more than a year he was released and lead a normal life prisoner there for whatever reason, there is no reason to commit suicide? Absolutely ridiculous, is not convincing!.

According to prison authorities informed that the deceased Wang Peng Fang on February 16 evening 18 o'clock in the guards, led to labor reform workshop to work, 20:15 found missing, and finally through the prison trying to find, in the next 15 meters of production workshop another workshop corridor was found, this time is after 22:00, just ten meters away, and even find the two hours, why looking for two hours, two hours to find many places, people do not re-foolish might believe!

Not to those doubts, we have to ask, an action subject to strict supervision of prisoners, accompanied by no supervising officer, who let him go out without permission?

Regulators that? Monitor was not able to record the exact circumstances, possible?

Our families toting unbearable pain, came to Hankou prison, requesting to know the truth, can be a week later, there is no saying what exactly, are we so good people bully you?

Is it dead in prison labor, our relatives do wrong? Prison no regulation defaulting wrong?

Prisoners are human beings, have a basic right to exist, no one has the right to end his life.

With so many questions. Variety of disguise and feeble argument, let the dead rest in peace difficult, died can not be resurrected, we just still dead an innocent, a comfort to his family, to social justice.

I ask all people of conscience to help us out, you can not let this injustice happen again, people want to see this post, to borrow your hand, help forward it!

such this kind of thing happens in China's prisons is normal, not to mention that I personally experienced in the Hankou prison