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July 5th, 2013  

Topic: Hello Dude

I'm a finnish people who life in Southern Sweden.

And I'm likes military of the World all outside South America.

I am 27 about one month and 3 Days. It's perfect times to bring this forum to the top.

I liked USA between 2004-10 and Germany 2010-13 and their are two exellent countries in history. Better than east with Soviet or Russia/China/Vietnam/N.Korea/Pakistan/Iran.

But Turkey are good for me eating their's kebab who we in my city like when we eating pizza with kebab from beginning from Turkey. Best for us. Good military in Turkey to.

This was all for me this morning in Sweden.
July 5th, 2013  
But my best country are Finland who have reform in 2015 to bring 100,000 plus 150,000 active reserve.

Today the first army are 32000 man who are smaller than the new. From 1,5 to 3,5-4 procent's of BNP in Finland. That are okey for us finnish people in Sweden to. In Finland that are perfect.

I speak swedish and english.

Okey for me even if I will learn me more finnish some day.
July 5th, 2013  
Welcome aboard...........
July 5th, 2013  
July 5th, 2013  
Cne C
Welcome aboard....
July 5th, 2013  
Welcome aboard.
July 7th, 2013  
I'm and mother lives in Sweden and my father lives in Finland. My father is orthodox and me and mom are lutheran. My father like Finland, France and sometimes he willing USA.

This info are okey from me to others.
August 8th, 2013  
Team Infidel

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