hello all

July 5th, 2005  

Topic: hello all

hi there

quick intro here.

my real name is james ferguson, jim falcon derives from my real name (james, nicked jim) and my online name (silver falcon nicked falcon)

i am not currently in but will be going into military training for anti armour as a foot hold in the field. later on i am going for the folowing

primary - paratrooper
secondary - sniper (2 years down the road)

till then i am entering full time into the industry of video game development.

now this is the main reason i joined this forum.

this might sound strange to alot of you but i get from time to time, what i belive to be "past memories" of another life. all of which occure in a small amount of settings in the first world war.

i know the following facts:
- i was either canadian or british
- i died about half way through the war

i am going to post in the ww1 and ww2 threads about this and am asking for info, please and thank you in advance for any help.

well i hope to get to know alot of you and do plan on bneing here for some time long after finding out what i need to know.

<> jim falcon
July 5th, 2005  
Welcome. You have something in common with a famous WWII US General who also believed in reincarnation.
July 6th, 2005  
Italian Guy
Welcome Jim. What part of Canada are you from?
July 6th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums Jim. Best of luck with the video games and your plans to join the military. As to your past life visions, I don't know what to say except good luck with those as well. It's all very interesting.
July 6th, 2005  
Howdy and welcome to the forums!
July 6th, 2005  
Welcome aboard, Sir!
July 6th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums Jim.
Good luck with your research..
July 6th, 2005  
thanks all.

the help im getting here is greatly apreciated, much more then my history teachers back when i was in high school could ever give me!

as for what part of canada im in, its ontario. im 1.5 hours out of toronto but am moving to the capital city now, ottawa. i dont know how that will affect me with enlisting here in cobourg then moving 4 hours out of town

thanks again, and keep frosty everyone 8)
July 7th, 2005  
welcome to the club
July 9th, 2005  
cool an interesting new person, welcome aboard