Hello all... please read! Your help is needed!

July 23rd, 2009  

Topic: Hello all... please read! Your help is needed!

If you are able, please spread the word! This could truly save lives.

Soldiers Wanted for Research Study

Both current and former Soldiers with combat experience are wanted to take
part in a study to explore the possible factors involved with combat related
fatalities. This study is in support of the Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency (DARPA) efforts.

This study will take approximately 60 minutes and will comprise an interview requesting information on your combat experiences. Results from this study could help to reduce the number of future Soldier fatalities. While participation is strictly voluntary, a donation of $25 to the Wounded Warrior Project will be made for each participant.

If interested, please e-mail me at firefightresearch@gmail.com or respond to this post.

Thank you so much!
July 23rd, 2009  
Yeah? Well if DOD want's to find out they know where to find me. So be gone.
July 23rd, 2009  

Show your credits first, plz (and detail the study).


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