Hearts and Minds? Naaah! - Page 3

March 22nd, 2008  
Del Boy
The report from Fallujah showed a change. The USA soldiers walking the markets said that when they were based outside the city, the barriers were up whenever they tried to get in, and they faced opposition everytime. Now that they are embedded in the heart of the city, the locals are relaxed and accepting of their presence. The Iraqis, for their part said they were happy at the security of the USA presence and the lack of violence. The iraqi teenagers said that now they could play ball games, basketball etc, which they were actually playing, like a scene from America. They said before such game were prohibited. Congratulations on that one USA and especially, USA soldiers.
March 27th, 2008  
Fear is what is progressing us in this war right now. When you have a Infantry company holed up in the middle of your town that tends to make people think. It also adds to the sense of security for your average joe hoji.

My hats off to the hard chargers out there finding the **** and then setting up a homestead right on top of it.

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