Health Concerns - Question for Army Personel

December 5th, 2004  

Topic: Health Concerns - Question for Army Personel

Hello to all Army . . .

I'm a 24 year old male college student and just recently quit school and I am going back into construction, specifically electrical work. Having a difficult time finding where I need to be and on what sort of path . . . I love being an electrician but I've always dreamt of doing infantry and leading a life of such "high honor".

I have a problem though . . . I have what doctor's call "Mild Tremor". It's noticeable in my hands and is believed to be more so from nervousness rather than a chemical embalance . . . My question is: Would this really affect my performance in the Army? I know it's a difficult question online but I know not many around my area whom can answer this for me.

Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks for your time