Heads-Up, Everyone

Heads-Up, Everyone
June 2nd, 2007  

Topic: Heads-Up, Everyone

Heads-Up, Everyone
Why, the dirty, low-down . Got this in my inbox, pass it on to your friends...


New Telephone Scam Targets Military Families

According to an American Red Cross news release, a telephone scam targeting military families has been identified. The caller, falsely identifying themselves as a Red Cross representative, will state that the spouse's husband (not identified by name) was hurt while on duty in Iraq and was med-evacuated to a hospital in Germany but will unable to start treatment until the spouse verifies her husband's social security number and date of birth.

The Red Cross notes that their "representatives typically do not contact military members/dependents directly and almost always go through a commander or first sergeant channels." Instead, representatives will contact military members/dependents directly only in response to an emergency message initiated by your family. The Red Cross does not report any type of casualty information to family members.

If you receive such a call, please report it to your local Family Readiness Group or Military Personnel Flight. For more information on the American Red Cross' work with military families, please click here.
June 3rd, 2007  
Team Infidel
yeah, i heard about this... little f'ers
June 4th, 2007  
those people should be shot. thats just wrong
Heads-Up, Everyone
June 5th, 2007  
i heard about it too i agree with her^ put them in front of a firing squad
June 7th, 2007  
Originally Posted by CrazyLilCajun
those people should be shot. thats just wrong
Yeah. What Lil Sis said!!!
June 8th, 2007  
that's pretty low. It's been posted all over most mil sites...
June 9th, 2007  
Rob Henderson
Sons of B**ches! Well, they'll get caught eventually, and when they do, I want them to feel the hurt they caused every relative to any of the brave young men fighting for their being able to even use a telephone to con those families.
June 9th, 2007  
Let get those and torturing them like . Shall we?

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