Do you have a pet?

December 25th, 2004  
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Topic: Do you have a pet?

Responding to the "what did you get for Christmas" thread gave me the idea for this one. I always thought you could tell alot about people by their pets (though one shouldn't go into generalities).

When my fiancée and I got together we each had three pets so now we have six. I call it our "menagerie".


Odin, 4 year old German Shepard (my 6th and best by far)
Hop Sing, 8 year old Tonkinese cat (cross between a Burmese & Siamese)
Mai, 5 year old Tonkinese cat (Hop Sing's daughter)

She has:

Billie, 5 year old German Shepard/Beagle cross
Wyatt, 4 year old Bassett Hound/Labrador cross
Hazel, 2 year old tabby cat
December 25th, 2004  
My wife and I have a big Weimeraner named Ronan -- He's not overweight, but he's bigger that Weimies are supposed to be. Just over 29 inches tall at the shoulder and 100 lbs. He's 100% and inside dog too.
December 26th, 2004  
I have a Pug/Begal Mix
December 26th, 2004  
2 cats:

-Claws (nasty bastard)
-Paws (whte feet)
December 26th, 2004  
A Can of Man
December 26th, 2004  
Riggs- 100+ pound yellow laborador.

All he does is fetch, its crazy, and gets annoying. I've had like 7 cats but they all run away or the kid up the road shoots them with his .22, I guess felines just get bad luck in my family.
December 26th, 2004  
rotc boy
i got two cats and a dog
the dogs name is kitty
December 26th, 2004  
My mom has 2 rabbits that roam the house freely They are nearly 2 years old and are brother&sister
December 26th, 2004  
i have a pudel
December 26th, 2004  
7 Cats ( 2 mine, rest my moms)
2 Dogs ( neither Mine)
1 Hamster and rabbit ( both my brothers)
some fishes ( my sisters
a bird ( mine)
and thats about it