Have you heard of the Khmer Rouge?

July 25th, 2013  

Topic: Have you heard of the Khmer Rouge?

My girlfriend is Cambodian and I was fascinated to hear stories from her parents and their friends about the conditions they had to endure during the reign of the Khmer Rouge.

I wrote an article of a brief history of the conflict and some of its factors if anyone is unfamiliar and interested in learning more.
The Cambodian Genocide
July 26th, 2013  
Pretty well known here in Australia and I guess most of Asia......
July 27th, 2013  
Yeah, that's who had 20% of the Cambodian population killed. He used to kill anyone who would oppose his politics.
August 21st, 2013  
they made a movie about this - The Killing Fields (1984)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ru0HxV4nWY"]The Killing Fields (1984) Trailer - YouTube[/ame]
October 29th, 2013  
I spent 18 months working with Khmer Seraii in 3 corps.
Fierce warriors and beautiful people.
Our guys were somewhat exiled and wanted to go home and kill Prince Sihanouk.
After I left, the A Camps were turned over to ARVNs and the Khmers were given arms ans supplies and headed home.
The group from my camp took up with the Khmer Rouge.
That lasted a short time until Pol Pot's guys decided they had become "too Vietnamised."
They were lulled into complacency over a couple of days.
They were disarmed and sent to a big celebration where they were all murdered.
I just learned this recently from a Khmer Mike Force vet.
Very troubling to me.
Ever present demons from hell, only the uniform changes.

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