Has anyone ever played Rainbow Six 3

February 7th, 2004  

Topic: Has anyone ever played Rainbow Six 3

Ive read the book and heard about the games r they any good?
February 7th, 2004  

Topic: yes

all the Rainbow Six games are good. I love them.
March 9th, 2004  
the games are fun, but very time consuming. Splinter Cell is another good Tom Clancy title.

March 9th, 2004  
Yeah, RS3 rocks. It's not a shoot-em' up like UT. It makes you take your time and plan things, but i love that about it.
March 9th, 2004  
Half of the game is the time you take before the mission to hand pick your team, study the floorplan, make your plan, select your equipment. Its no fun if you just run and gun, thats not what its about. The games are totally sweet, even the first one in 98 (i think) or whenever is awesome. definetly worth playing for people like us.
April 9th, 2004  
Yes RS3 kills i dont like the ps2 version the cotrols feel a little clumsy but i play it all the tim another great game like RS is SOCOM it kicks me and my 12 gauge pump
April 9th, 2004  
i have it...its amazing....
July 11th, 2005  
Hard Corp.
Rain Bow Six Three is an awsome game, you should try the expansion Black Arrow, oh na dthis time consuming thing well lets say you don't notice the time fly.
August 6th, 2005  
iv played it briefly........ maybe for an hour. its a great game, and an awesome book. id love to get it for xbox so i can play it at home.