The hard lives of different servicemen

December 30th, 2004  
Jason Bourne

Topic: The hard lives of different servicemen

just so everyone knows, i didn't make these up myself i got them from a military website.

An Army grunt stands in the rain with a 35 lb. pack on his back, 15 lb. weapon in hand, after having marched 12 miles, and says, "This is shit."

An Army Airborne Ranger stands in the rain with a 45 lb. pack on his back, weapon in hand, after having jumped from an airplane and marched 18 miles, and says with a smile, "This is good shit!"

A Navy SEAL lies in the mud, 55 LB pack on his back, weapon in hand, after swimming 10 miles to shore, crawling through a swamp and marching 25 miles at night past the enemy positions, says with a grin, "This really is great shit."

A Force Recon Marine, up to his nose in the stinking, bug-infested mud of a swamp with a 65 LB pack on his back and a weapon in both hands after jumping from an aircraft at high altitude, into the ocean, swimming 12 miles to the shore, killing several alligators to enter the swamp, then crawling 30 miles through the brush to assault an enemy camp, says, "I love this shit. "

The Air Force NCO sits in an easy chair in an air conditioned, carpeted office and says, "My e-mail's out? What kind of shit is this?"
December 30th, 2004  
but again, this one is somewhere on this site
December 31st, 2004  
Jason Bourne
do you take pleasure in making me look bad Locke?

December 31st, 2004  
This one reminds me of the 'This sucks' one.

Still good.
January 17th, 2007  
Pretty good.
January 17th, 2007  
April 15th, 2007  
Team Infidel
pretty good
June 13th, 2007  
OORAH! bumping this up
August 6th, 2007  
i thought of this one today, so im just bringin it up front. Semper Fi!
August 7th, 2007  
The Other Guy
I still like the AF.