Happy SAINT BARBARA to All Redlegs and Gunners worldwide!

December 4th, 2004  

Topic: Happy SAINT BARBARA to All Redlegs and Gunners worldwide!

A big AHOA to all my brothers and sisters all around the World!

Congratulations to all Gunners and Redlegs, have a nice (and safe) celebration!

Here's some info about the legend of Saint Barbara:

Saint Barbara is the great protector of all Artillerymen and women, and her day, 4th December, is celebrated by gunners in different ways all around the world.

The Fire is everything, the Rest Nothing!
December 4th, 2004  
Happy St. Barbara's Day, Redleg.

Just for poops and giggles, St. George is the Patron Saint of scouts, armorers, cavalry, soldiers, syphilis, and herpes. See any connection there?
December 10th, 2004  
Where did the name "Redlegs" come from? I've heard this term before.

I'm assuming that the reason is that artilery men used to wear red trousers, hence the name "redlegs", right??

If so, then what army started this?
December 10th, 2004  
yeah and is there any association to wearin "brown corduroy pants"
December 10th, 2004  

During the Battle of Palo Alto, the American Army, facing a Mexican Army twice its size, won the day through the use of its superior artillery. The American Artillery outranged the Mexican's, and the superb Mexican Cavalry found itself exposed to grape and cannister shot and cannon ball, with no support from the Mexicans guns. The American Artillery also played a vital role in the Battle of Monterey and the Battle of Buena Vista. The Field Artillery nickname "Redlegs" came from this era when artillery uniforms had a two-inch stripe on the trousers and horse artillerymen wore red canvas leggings.