Happy Birthday Norway!

Happy Birthday Norway!
May 16th, 2006  
Italian Guy

Topic: Happy Birthday Norway!

Happy Birthday Norway!
Happy Birthday small but cool neighbor to the north

Hey let's wish Norway a happy birthday each one of us in his own language.

Buon Compleanno Norvegia
May 16th, 2006  
Happy Birthday, Norway, from America.
May 17th, 2006  
Happy Birthday Ene..., ehm friend!

Ha era flaggor redo! Nu ska det firas! Ett fyrfalligt levande Hipp Hipp Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra!
Happy Birthday Norway!
May 17th, 2006  
Gratulerer med dagen, Norge!

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Sadly it has been a rainy day, but we all ignored the rain and enjoyed the parades, music and festivities. Now it is time for a bottle of the finest from Chile and time for remembering the hard work and labour our anchestors have done building this country to what it has become since 1814!

United and Loyal until the Dovre Mountains fall
May 17th, 2006  
The weather has been great the last 3 weeks, but today it was cold and rainy..
The northern parts of Norway did even get some snow last night and today..

But other than that it's been a good day..

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Happy Birthday Norway!

Norwegian National Anthem (MP3)
Anthem in Midi format

Here's the lyrics to the Norwegian National Anthem, in Norwegian and English, just in case you want to sing-a-long..

Some info about the day:

May 18th, 2006  
Happy Birthday!

(Yeah, I'm late, but fashionable!)
May 19th, 2006  
Happy Birthday, Norway, from Randolph, Massachusetts, USA
May 23rd, 2006  
Navy Boy
Happy Birthday, Norway.
May 23rd, 2006  
Happy Birthday Norway from Arkansas, USA
May 23rd, 2006  
Happy birthday... I wished Sunb a happy Big Member Day, does that count??