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October 14th, 2004  

Topic: Hand Grenade

Hand grenades are part of the personal weapon of a soldier.

Do you think hand grenades are still relevant today as most fighting will be done beyond the throwing range of a grenade?

Have you thrown a grenade before -- like the experience?
October 14th, 2004  
Grenades are still very relevant, considering the more complex terrain that battles are being fought over these days. eg: buildings and subterrenean.
October 14th, 2004  
I would have to agree with Scott on this one. Hand grenades are very vital today. Not necessarily just the HE grenades or the Frags. CS, Flash bangs, they are all very vital. Especially for us grunts.
October 14th, 2004  

Topic: Re: Hand Grenade

Originally Posted by SAINT
Have you thrown a grenade before -- like the experience?
Yes, and not really...

It's actually quite boring to train with live grenades, since we have to duck and cover behind a solid concrete wall after we have thrown it, so we don't see any of the fun stuff...
(but I guess that it could be a bit risky to take a peak at it anyway.. )
October 14th, 2004  
I've always wondered how safe it is to thrown a live grenade at the enemy 50-60 feet away..

It's probably the last thing I would use, unless I've got a wall beside me or i'm in a trench.

The last thing a soldier will do is to throw a grenade uphill...
the little thing may just roll back downhill
October 14th, 2004  
Kozzy Mozzy
I've thrown homemade hand grenades before, not as powerful as the real thing but get the job done.

And yeah, hand grenades are still very relevant.
October 14th, 2004  
Hand grenades are still relevant, especially in the urban conflicts they train for now.
October 14th, 2004  
Hand grenades are no doubt relevant, but more flashbangs and smoke are used nowadays. Or atleast I think so. But regular grenades are still used. Usually as a last resort or a good spot for a grenade to be thrown. They don't often rush the battlefield throwing grenades like madmen.
October 14th, 2004  
A Can of Man
With urban warfare being the rule now, grenades are totally neccessary. After all, before you have to run into a building, you might want to toss in a grenade.
Not only that, but explosives in general. Especially the shaped charges that blow holes through walls so your troops don't have to run around in the streets all the time.
October 15th, 2004  
Grenades today are just as important as they were in the past, although I believe they are delievered by a weapon more today than yesteryear. I have thrown grenades and shot them from an M-79 Grenade Launcher that would project approximately 400 yards, now the accuracy was within the target range.