Guidance of the governed (post colonial America)

December 7th, 2010  

Topic: Guidance of the governed (post colonial America)

This thread is picking and interesting bone. The American Colonies and the fallout after the American Revolution, the colonies were in debt, disunified over how the new country should be governed, and militarily extremely weak.

Yet some how....some way.... unlike many other countries or colonies after a revolution throughout history, the United States in it's infancy did not succumb to a tolertairan state or either become a complete place of lawlessness and anarchy, or dis unification of territory, or quickly invaded by an outside power.

I will point out, even going by what did happen with the foundations laid down by the founding fathers in America, many of the compromises that did get the country through the early years of it's exsistence simply put off many questions raised even before Yorktown on national governance, and balance of power between federal and state government on a myriad of topics of which many would ultimately resurface again in the ultimate example of unresolved decisions in the form of the American Civil War.

But what I am asking here is, why? Or better yet how? Did the United States avoid collapsing after driving the British out of the Colonies? (although they still had troops in North America). How did the young United States not become a police state, or a third world country in the situation right after the revolution, when so many other nations throughout history failed to accomplish even the roughest sense of democracy under the same circumstances?

Just makes me wonder,... since if things were different....well I wouldn't be here most likely,...neither would a lot of our members on the IMF. If so, who knows what language we would be speaking right now.

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