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November 21st, 2005  

Topic: Guess, Sir!

I friend of mine who retired from the Air Force a few years ago related this story to me. It's the first day at Lackland AFB, and the instructor is trying to get everyone's last names, telling to ONLY give their last name, followed by "Sir!". Everything was going along just smoothly (or at least as smoothly as it could ever get on first day of training), when he finnally got to the guy who would bunking on the bottom bunk of my friend's bunk bed. He shouted at the trainee to give him his name immediately and the trainee (meekly) replied "Guess, sir!" Well, to say the instructor was not too please with this response, he starting going off on the poor trainee, shouting at his to give him his last name in the format that the instructor had ordered everybody to reply in. And each time, the tranee gave the him the same reply, until he was bawling his eyes out. Finally the instructor had become so frustrated with the trainee that he had said "Trainee, I do not have time to play ing games with you. Show me your drivers license right now!" The trainee (rather quickly) produced his drivers license and gave it to the instructor, who only took one look at it and had a expression of frustration mixed with anger and laughter.
November 21st, 2005  
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Nice! LOL
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That's a funny one...