Guard Ship (Frigate) "Tatarstan" (Gepard class)

October 21st, 2010  

Topic: Guard Ship (Frigate) "Tatarstan" (Gepard class)

76.2 mm artillery piece on the nose

"Uran" (SS-N-25) missiles

Lengh: 102.1 m
Width: 13.8 m
Draft: 4.4 m

Max. Speed: 28 knots

Max. Range: 3,500 miles

Crew: 109 (incl. 21 officers)

Х-35 anti-ship missiles - 2 launchers fire 4 each

"Uran" missiles - 8
AK-176 artillery piece - 1
AK-630M (30mm) pieces - 2

DTA-533 torpedo tubes - 2 launch 2 torpedos each

RBU-6000 "Smerch-2" - 1 with 12 launchers

Carries up to 20 mines on top level.

New ship, first in its class. Designed for Russia's Caspian Flotilla (2 units have been ordered also by Vietnam Navy). The 'Dagestan' is to follow, in 2011.
October 29th, 2010  
Awesome Frigate
October 30th, 2010  
Cool. Looks deadly enough. lol.

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