November 17th, 2005  

Topic: GRENADE!!!!

Just a week ago, my base was going through an operational exercise to TRY and keep everyone in a "war like mindset" (or at least as war like as you can get in the Chair Force). Any way, I'd been assigned at the last minute to fill in as door guard at the deployed HQ bldg. On the last day of the exercise, one of the evaluators had grabbed someone who was outside of the bldg and pointed a blue plastic pistol (a simulated pistol) at the guy, telling the guy to get him into the bldg w/o talking.

So I here a knocking on the door and I check outside to see the guy outside (the evaluator was standing in a one of the doors blind spots), shows me his I.D. and gives me the correct tap count which is what you need to give in order to enter any compound. You're also supposed to give a duress word if you should find your self under duress (like this guy was being simulated on), but he was given specific instructions not to speak, or else he'd be "killed". Anyway, I open the door and immediately get "shot", but no one else heard the "gunfire" because the evaluator didn't shout it (which is what he was supposed to have done), so had gotten himself all the way into the center office where the base commander was and tossed a "simulated" (plastic) grenade. The base commander, getting so into the exercise that he does a flying Superman leap over a desk to avoid the "grenade", but in the process, gets hurt in real life due to the fact that the person at the desk he was jumping over turned in his chair to see what was going on and accidently elbows the base commander right above the eyebrow. The base commander was awarded a "Simulated Purple Heart" for his "combat wound" I just found that situation humorous is all and wanted to share it with everyone.
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LOL Too funny!